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WBT :: Loudspeaker: 0780 Terminal Economy

WBTs least expensive binding post model featuring a unique finish of Velours Chromium and is manufactured from brass. Available terminations include crimp, solder and screw on printed circuit board. Crimp screw and set screws can be purchased separately.

WBT-0780 Pole terminal

High-current pole terminal for cabinet mounting, mushroom style

1. Mechanics
- single-segment, low-tolerance contact elements (tol. less than ± 0,05 mm)
- solid basic element with 4-mm boring for banana plug, internal screw box and cross boring (dia. 5,6 mm) also for thick cables. Adjusting nut with extra-fine thread (0,5 pitch) for optimum contact pressure.

2. Materials
- all solid parts made of highly ductile “OFC” copper alloy
- insulating material: polyamide (PA) 6 (10% glass fibre), red, white or black / polycarbonate (PC) (30% glass fibre), black

3. Surfaces
- WBT velour chromium, Ni 5,0 µm