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Accuphase Chario WBT Isotek

Isotek Vision

Building upon the original, multi-award-winning GII Mini Sub, the Vision adds further precision filtering with extended bandwidth that greatly enhances the performance of video components, in addition to audio.
The Vision has been designed as a complete power conditioning solution for home theatre systems, offering simple plug-n-play installation from a rack-width unit that is compliant with all standard audio racking systems. At the rear of the unit are six high-quality unswitched outlets – two high-current outlets for power amplifiers, plus four medium-current outlets featuring an extra level of filtering for source components, screens and projectors.
Each outlet is individually filtered to not only protect audio and video components from mains noise and dangerous power surges, but also more importantly eliminate product cross-contamination, an issue overlooked by most mains filter manufacturers. The two specific high-current outlets feature sophisticated shunt filtering to allow high current without dynamic restriction. The four remaining outlets feature a combination of shunt, series, delta and protection filtering, with Gating© and our proprietary Polaris-X© technology helping to ensure that this is a highly effective unit. 

Number of outlets:                                                6
Type of outlets:                                                    SABS
Standard mains inlet:                                            IEC fused
Mains voltage:                                                      100-240VAC/50-60Hz
Maximum current: (1 & 2)                                     10Amps
Maximum current: (3 to 6)                                     5Amps
Total maximum current:                                        10Amps
External mains fuse:                                              5Amps 
Dimensions:                                                          444x85x305mm (WxHxD)
Weight:                                                                7,0Kg