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Isotek :: SOLUS

The Solus is the entry point for IsoTek® rack-width power filters. Although offering brilliantly simple plug-n-play installation for a complete system solution, its refined internal design forms the foundation for the rest of the range. The rack-width unit is compliant with all standard audio racking systems, with six high-quality unswitched outlets at the rear. Solus features a sophisticated delta filter network coupled with proprietary Polaris- X© technology, which is based upon Kirchhoff’s two current laws. Polaris-X© causes electrons to take the easiest route without the hazard of mains noise backflow, thus ensuring that components connected to the unit do not cross contaminate.
Solus has extremely low insertion loss and can therefore be used with all kinds of equipment, from power amps to source components. This compact yet highly effective power conditioning unit is ideal for use with entry- to mid-level audio and AV systems, and is rated at 2300W (230 volts).

Number of outlets:     6 
Type of outlets:         SABS
Standard mains inlet: IEC fused
Mains voltage:           200-240VAC/50 Hz
Maximum current:     10Amps HRC
Total wattage:           2300 
Dimensions:              444x85x305mm (WxHxD)
Weight:                     5Kg