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The Sirius is IsoTek’s® new entry-level power strip. Designed to deliver an affordable, high-quality, one-stop mains conditioning solution for audio and AV set-ups, Sirius features six high-quality unswitched outlets to power a complete system from a single wall socket.
Sirius is part of IsoTek’s® latest EVO3 product range, and as such boasts a number of sophisticated filtering technologies. Specially developed for Sirius and unique to IsoTek®, Inductive Resistance Gate© optimises the isolation between each of the six outlets without compromising transient power ability. Also new is K.E.R.P.© (Kirchoff’s Equal Resistance Path), a technology developed from IsoTek’s® high-end Titan and Nova mains conditioning units to ensure optimum power sharing from one socket to the next.
At its price, Sirius is unrivalled in its ability to ensure that the power supplied to every system component is free from the kind of mains-borne interference that significantly erodes the performance of all hi-fi and home cinema equipment.
With its rugged aluminium case, the six-way Sirius is built to last. And, thanks to class-leading protection circuitry, including 22 500 amps of instantaneous current absorption, it will ensure your audio equipment lasts, too.

Number of outlets:                                                6
Type of outlets:                                                    SABS
Standard mains inlet:                                            IEC fused
Mains voltage:                                                      100-240VAC/50-60Hz
Maximum current:                                                10Amps HRC
Total wattage:                                                      2 300 
Dimensions:                                                          88 x 50 x 480mm (WxHxD)Weight:                                                                2,0Kg