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Isotek Nova

Like Titan, the IsoTek® Nova has been designed to deliver the ultimate in mains conditioning, this time for use with front-end source components. The rack-width unit features six high-quality unswitched sockets at the rear.
Nova sports an optimised, direct-coupled, six-stage primary and five-stage secondary filter circuit, with each outlet individually filtered. This complex circuit also includes unique Adaptive Gating©. The Gating© principle was first introduced by IsoTek® in the multi-award-winning GII Mini Sub to provide an ideal operational environment for the circuits responsible for eliminating product cross-contamination. Adaptive Gating© allows Nova to auto-sense and then adjust the level of filtering required dependent upon the nature of equipment connected. For example, a plasma screen will have different requirements compared to a DVD player, both in terms of filtering and power draw. Nova will adapt automatically to ensure the optimum level of filtering and current is available to deliver peak performance.
The electronic protection circuit ensures the utmost safety whilst eliminating fuse contacts. The circuit coupled with adaptive principles allows a total power draw of up to and including 3 680 watts. For many situations Nova represents the ultimate front-end solution. 

Number of outlets:                                                 6
Type of outlets:                                                     SABS
Mains inlet:                                                           Neutrik
Mains voltage:                                                      100-240VAC/50-60Hz
Maximum current:                                                 16Amps continuous
Total power: (nominal 230V)                                  3 680 Watts
Dimensions:                                                          435x135x355mm (WxHxD)
Weight:                                                                20,0 Kg