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Isotek Mira distribution system

IsoTek’s new  Mira has been developed specifically for traditional CRT televisions, LCD, Plasma and projectors. It not only cleans the power supply, improving picture and sound quality, but also offers unrivalled protection. Unique surge protection circuits and a ‘triple resonant system’ stop ‘in-rush’ currents, which not only damage but reduce a component’s life.
The Mira can be used on a full-blown home cinema system or with less sophisticated LCD, plasma, CRT TVs and projectors. The advanced circuitry in Mira delivers immediate and significant improvements to the on-screen performance – crisper and more stable images, deeper blacks and more vibrant, natural colours. Picture quality isn’t the only thing that Mira improves. Plug in a DVD player or set-top box, and  sound is brought into focus, improving definition and detail.
Mira also significantly reduces ‘in-rush’ current, a known cause to reduce component life. High quality protection circuitry also removes dangerous voltages spikes and power surges. Advanced arial protection also safeguards components in storm conditions.

Number of outlets:                                                2 + Aerial
Type of outlets:                                                    SABS
Standard mains inlet:                                            IEC fused
Mains voltage:                                                      110-240VAC/50-60Hz
Maximum current:                                                10Amps
Total wattage:                                                      2 300 
Visual outlet:                                                        1 100W at 230V
Component Outlet:                                                1 100W at 230V
Dimensions:                                                          90 x 82 x 150mm (WxHxL)
Weight:                                                                900g