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Isotek :: Mini Sub

The GII Mini Sub and Vision have been universally accepted as the best component from component isolating mains power distributor at their price point. It was designed to be a very rewarding single box plug-n-play solution for a complete audio or home theatre system. The GII Mini Sub & Vision offer astounding value for money and gives a taste of what our truly high-end solutions offer. Within our product range the GII Mini Sub & Vision sit between the Solus and isolation transformer based SubStation.

At the rear of the unit you will note six high quality outlets, these are individually filtered to stop components talking to each other or corrupting the clean supply provided by the unit. This is achieved by a series of delta filters on the outputs and a sophisticated filter circuit, which was inspired by work in cryogenics, and harnesses the technique used for the switching of cryogenic coils. Both products feature our new Polaris-X technology that draws mains contaminants away from audio components plugged into the unit.

Number of outlets:                                                6
Type of outlets:                                                    SABS
Standard mains inlet:                                            IEC fused
Mains voltage:                                                      100-240VAC/50-60Hz
Maximum current: (1 & 2)                                     10Amps
Maximum current: (3 to 6)                                    5Amps
Total maximum current:                                       10Amps
External mains fuse:                                             5Amps
Dimensions:                                                         444x85x305mm (WxHxD)
Weight:                                                               7,0Kg