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Accuphase Chario WBT Isotek

Isotek System enhancer

The Full System Enhancer CD is an intensive ‘workout’ for your audio system. The disc includes specially developed signals to help ‘run-in’ new equipment, as well as demagnetising existing hi-fi components and rejuvenating your entire system. 

It is important to exercise an audio system across the full range of frequencies and amplitudes it may encounter in real life, and to this end the tones on this disc have been devised to cover the complete audio band from top to bottom, also ensuring that, for instance, high-amplitude signals are combined with high-speed ones. 

In electronic terms, the required signals feature lots of high-speed activity coupled to some high-amplitude excursions. All of these signals have been produced according to strict mathematical criteria, so as to place the greatest stress on the important parts of a system – without, it is important to note, endangering any part of it.

There is good reason for the various signals and tones on this disc bearing no relation, perceived or calculated, to music. At first sight, the problem of burning in a music system may seem to call for some kind of signal that resembles music in certain specifics but somehow works faster in exercising and/or settling down the various components within the system. But while such a signal can be generated, it doesnt burn equipment in very fast and doesnt address the rejuvenation function either.