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IsoTek’s® legendary, multi-award-winning Mini Sub has set the standard for power conditioning components since the original was launched in 2002. Now, in 2010, a new benchmark conditioner has arrived: the IsoTek® Aquarius.

Aquarius succeeds the GII Mini Sub in IsoTek’s® range, incorporating the very latest innovations to deliver an exceptional performance, with an exceptionally attractive price tag. It improves upon the GII Mini Sub’s current delivery, with a full 16 amps to its two high-current outlets, allowing for unlimited transients thanks to its thermo-magnetic fusing and 16A IEC C20 connector. The four medium-current outlets are now fused using a high-quality, user-replaceable bayonet fuse holder. Aquarius also delivers greater instantaneous protection (67 500 amps), and greatly improved independent filter stages throughout.

In addition, Aquarius is the most affordable power conditioner to feature IsoTek’s® Adaptive Gating© technology, originally introduced in the high-end Nova before trickling down to Sigmas, and now Aquarius. This proprietary technology allows Aquarius to auto-sense the load of each component connected to it, thus tailoring the filtering process to suit the component. It all adds up to a power conditioner with a performance that is unprecedented at its price point.

Number of outlets:                       6
Type of outlets:                           SABS
Mains inlet:                                 16Amp IEC (C20)
Mains voltage:                             100-240VAC/50-60Hz
High current:                               16Amps
Medium current:                          6Amps
Maximum current:                       16Amps continuous
Total available power: (230V)       3 680W
High: (Circuit/Transient)             4 600W/Unlimited
Medium: (Circuit)                        1 380W
Dimensions:                                444x85x305mm (WxHxD)
Weight:                                       9,0Kg