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Founder Chris Feickert launched Dr. Feickert Analogue from Germany in 2005. A foremost expert in vinyl playback, he initially focused on the creation of high-end protractors - phono cartridge and tonearm alignment tools. Soon Chris turned his attention from setup equipment to building his own line of turntables each designed to resolve issues that have plagued analog playback for nearly 100 years.
Available for the first time in South Africa and distributed exclusively by Lowveld Audio, is a new line of specially crafted turntables and packages that are as exceptional in appearance as  they are in performance. Each of these new turntables is built around custom designed electronics, precisely controlling from one to three Papst DC motors. These new electronic designs offer superior performance now and with built-in facilities for future upgrades resulting from advances in ongoing research and development.
Perhaps the most critical single part of a turntable is the bearing design. Here too, Dr. Feickert Analogue has created something special: a bearing that is at the heart of every model offering the smoothest and thus quietest possible performance.
The plinths in each model are built up using a three-layer configuration. This allows for a dissipation of extraneous energy and results in the ideal platform for the turntable system to perform optimally. The quick release armboard system found on each turntable allows for the use of 9” or 12” tonearms with ease.
Setup is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is level the turntable, setup the tonearm and cartridge and  adjust speed with the included PlatterSpeed iOS or Android App. There are no fussy and complicated suspension adjustments to get in the way of effortlessly enjoying the best that analog playback has to offer.

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The Blackbird and Firebird are Stereophile Class A Recommended Components

Being a vinyl addict you have spent a lot of money for your records. No doubt you want to listen to them at the best level possible. And no doubt you have set up your turntable with a Protractor so that overhang and offset is adjusted correctly. Do you think this is all you can do and everything is fine or is there any doubt?
Correct azimuth (HTA) is necessary to have a proper geometrical position of the stylus - and with it the coils of the generator - to track the grooves of your records. As a result you get a minimized crosstalk and it is set to be consistent on both channels. Still you think this can be done by putting the cartridge in an upright position? Unfortunately this is correct only in very few cases. Doing so you run into risk to have a misalignment resulting in higher stylus wear, worse sound reproduction and higher wear on your records!
This is where Adjust+ starts its work. You can find the correct position of azimuth in very short time resulting in a wider, better focused soundstage and imaging. The sound is richer in timbre and dynamics, everything is more relaxed. Resolution is extended and microdynamics are improved.