Lowveld Audio
Accuphase Chario WBT Isotek


Deskadel is a highly specialized company manufacturing interconnects, speaker cables and conductors. All products are manufactured using only precious metals such as pure silver and Reference Alloy ( gold ) conductors. As insulations, we only use materials having the highest possible dielectrums such as teflon and kapton. The combination of these two basic materials bring a product of very high standards and will provide to the dedicated music listener utmost satisfaction.

  • Digital interconnects ( 75 ohm )
  • Balanced analogue Interconnects
  • Loudspeaker cables
  • Hook-up wire transformers
  • Turntable interconnects and tone arm cable

Analogue balanced I-3 and digital co-axial DI-2 are stock items and are made up to any length using your choice of WBT RCA and/or Neutrik XLR connectors.