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Chario Adadimy Serendipity

Only a few concepts are necessary to understand the rationale behind the Serendipity design. We tried to give the listener a better illusion of being there in three steps:

  • Pulling out existing ambience information from standard recordings;
  • Presenting them to the ears in a different manner never tried before;
  • Reducing to the minimum the influence of listening room boundaries.

It seems compulsory to disperse the information over a wider area to let our brain localize the resulting multi-direction distribution of the ambience signals. This in-turn leads to the smearing of the direct sound compromising the front sound stage. Academy Serendipity is based on the assumption that a vertical array of sources with different frequency bandwidth, different gain and different group delay can act as a distributed source, generating at the listeners ears some cross-talk signals useful to enlarge the side perspective while keeping the correct localization cues. To achieve this the Academy Serendipity design manages the frequency distribution of acoustic energy from floor and ceiling, the first reflections, by means of the proprietary WMT TM Alignment configuration and the geometry of the vertical reversed driver array.