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Accuphase Chario WBT Isotek

Accuphase :: P-4200 STEREO Power amplifier

Inheriting the superb design policy of the P-7100 and M-6000 models, the P-4200 features fully balanced signal paths as found in high quality instrumentation amplifiers. MCS+ circuit topology and current feedback design result in superb S/N ratio, distortion, and other performance parameters. Massive, high-efficiency 950 VA toroidal transformer and triple Darlington output stage employing a 3-parallel push-pull arrangement of high-power transistors, deliver enormous amounts of linear power into ultra-low loads down to one ohm.
The P-4200 improves on the P-4100 with greater power output, mechanical relays in the speaker protection circuit replaced by a mosfet switch and damping factor increased from 180 to 500.