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Accuphase :: DF-65 Digital Frequency Dividing Network

DF-45 Digital Frequency Dividing Network 4-way

Designed to serve as core component in a multi-amped system, this revolutionary channel divider is fully digital and employs super advanced signal processing technology. The ultra high speed 32-bit DSP chip implements 59 crossover frequency points, variable-order slope characteristics, a delay function for time alignment, as well as provisions for phase and level adjustments. All of these parameters are adjusted in the digital domain. This makes it possible to extract the full performance potential from each driver, resulting in loudspeaker performance that elevates the art of audio to a wholly new level.

Multi-channel divider with fully digital signal processing - High-speed 40-bit floating point DSP provides the processing power for four channel units supplied in standard configuration. Choice of 59 cutoff frequency points ensures total flexibility. Highly accurate digital filters enable 96 dB/octave slope characteristics. Time alignment function adjustable in 0,5 cm steps, plus delay compensator for offsetting filter circuit delays ensure superb spatial accuracy. HS-Link capability provides SA-CD support.