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Accuphase Chario WBT Isotek

Accuphase :: Cx-260 multichannel control center

C-2810 Pre-amplifier 

The CX-260 reproduces 2-channel (stereo) sources with impeccable quality, but it is also fully equipped to handle 6-channel (5.1ch) analogue signals such as supplied by a SACD, DVD player or surround processor.
Six entirely separate line amplifiers using current feedback technology combine complete stability with excellent sound. Six preset level controls and a high-quality 6-gang volumecontrol are useful features. Mixdown function lets you reproduce 6-channel sources with four channels (4.0).
In two-channel mode, the six line amplifiers are connected in a triple parallel MCS configuration for minimum noise.
Rear-panel option board slots allow for example reproduction of analogue records or direct digital input.