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Accuphase Chario WBT Isotek

Accuphase :: AC-5 Stereo phono cartridge

Unlike CDs, playback of analog records in high quality requires dedication and an understanding of the various aspects of the process, making the enjoyment of music with this medium a special and truly rewarding experience.
Optional phono stages as plug-in boards are a feature of the Accuphase design approach and more recently the C-27 phono preamp from Accuphase has garnered high praise in the audiophile world.
We are now taking the next logical step in releasing the AC-5 pickup cartridge. Moving Coil cartridges from Accuphase have a long and distinguished history, beginning with the AC-1 in 1979, and followed by the AC-2 and AC-3. The AC-5 picks up while incorporating a new design and the finest materials available. It was honed to perfection through extended listening tests and is designed to ensure the ultimate in analogue record reproduction.

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