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Accuphase :: DP-430 CD Player

DP-500 SACD/CD Player

The Accuphase-developed CD drive in the DP-430 features an extremely rigid and ultra precise transport mechanism that attains new levels of performance. The low center of gravity and the quiet and smooth loading mechanism also contribute to the quality of signal reproduction.
The processor section features sophisticated circuit design and the latest digital technology. The MDS++ D/A approach developed by Accuphase has been further refined here, with four strictly selected high-performance delta-sigma devices operating in parallel, forming a conversion system of outstanding accuracy. AKM’s DAC chips AK4490EQ are installed.

The DP-430, compared to its predecessor, the DP-410, offers improved Front Display visibility: Sampling Frequency & Number of effective Bits

The outstanding sound and high performance of the D/A converter section can be accessed also by external equipment.
Three types of digital inputs (USB, coaxial, and optical) accept digital signals from other components, for processing with the highest musical accuracy.